As a California employee, it’s your legal right to express any safety concerns in the workplace and any fears of injury or danger. If you feel these rights have been revoked, an experienced Alameda County – California employment lawyer should be consulted for advice.

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Our Alameda County lawyer, Scott R. Herndon understands the complexities of the contemporary workplace. Our firm is here to assess your rights and pursue appropriate recourse to ensure you receive a fair outcome. We’ll help guide you through the legal process, informing you of all possible solutions available on how best we can work together for an equitable result that safeguards both your respectability and professional future. Get in touch with us today at (415) 360-5477

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If you’ve endured losses due to the carelessness of another party, legal representation can provide the assistance necessary to make sure justice is served.

Our Alameda County employment lawyer attorney handle selected personal injury cases, including:

Are you experiencing employment discrimination or harassment in the San Francisco Bay Area? Don’t suffer alone! Our experienced and knowledgeable legal team can provide insight during a free consultation. Reach out today to ensure your rights are being fully protected!

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At Scott Herndon Law Firm Ltd., we understand the importance of advocating for those who have suffered from catastrophic injuries or sexual harassment. Our team strives to honor each client with respect, genuine care and attention to detail, while attentively listening to their worries before voicing our support in court.

With an impressive academic background including a PhD from NYU and various teaching awards at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and New York University, Scott brings far more to the table than just being another attorney. His extensive work as a philosopher, teacher, and writer ensures his legal cases are championed with equal levels of commitment to detail like that found in world-class argumentation.

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Based in Berkeley, California, The Law Office of Scott R. Herndon is a nationally-recognized, specialty law firm. We represent clients across California, from the Bay Area to Southern California, who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries. Scott R. Herndon’s experience as a philosopher, faculty member, athlete, and author makes him different from other personal injury lawyers. We are devoted to paying extraordinary attention to every one of our clients. We listen carefully, do our research, and advocate with the mind of a professor, the attention to detail of an artist, and the focused determination of an athlete.

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