The Law Office of Scott R. Herndon represents plaintiffs who have sustained catastrophic injuries in The Bay Area and surrounding areas, including sexual assault victims, harassment, and discrimination, as well as catastrophic, fatal, or life-altering personal injuries. Founded in Berkeley in 2018, our Santa Clara catastrophic injury lawyers can assist you in your case.

Santa Clara-County Catastrophic Injury Attorney
Our personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, Scott R. Herndon knows what it takes to get compensation after an accident and how a catastrophic personal injury lawyer can fast forward the process and ensure your claim is submitted correctly. Contact him today by calling (415) 360-5477 if the need arises during any stage of litigation

The Law Office of Scott R. Herndon strives to offer the highest level of client care and respect possible. As a catastrophic injury attorney, Scott is aware of how difficult it is to recover compensation after an accident, and he will work tirelessly to prove that you are entitled. Get in touch with Scott today to discuss your case.

If you have suffered an injury in Santa Clara County,, you deserve fair compensation from the responsible party. Contact The Law Office of Scott R. Herndon today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your legal options.

Santa Clara County Catastrophic Injury Practice Areas

If you’ve suffered as a result of another person’s negligence, then there is legal representation for exactly what your needs.

Our Santa Clara County catastrophic injury attorneys handle selected personal injury cases, including:

Accidents are a major cause of many injuries. There are a variety of reasons why they occur, including acts of nature, honest mistakes, and other unavoidable factors. Self-inflicted injuries are another type of accidental injury. But many injuries are caused by impermissible acts of negligence, recklessness, or intentionality. These are the personal injury cases we handle.

Our Santa Clara County Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Scott R. Herndon

We represent clients who have suffered from catastrophic injuries or sexual harassment. We aim to protect their dignity and provide them with a voice in court, which is why our personal goal at Scott Herndon Law Firm Ltd., unlike other law firms, focuses on treating every client like family while listening carefully for concerns before advocating earnestly with attention towards details.

His work as a philosopher, teacher, and writer makes me different from almost any other attorney. Scott has a PhD from New York University, and also a graduate degree in analytic philosophy. Scott has also won awards for teaching at Stanford University, the University of California, and NYU, among other institutions of higher learning. His work as a teacher and writer extends to every case he takes, as advocacy always reflects the same level of commitment to detail and attention that world-class academic argumentation requires.

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Based in Berkeley, California, The Law Office of Scott R. Herndon is a nationally-recognized, specialty law firm. We represent clients across California, from the Bay Area to Southern California, who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries. Scott R. Herndon’s experience as a philosopher, faculty member, athlete, and author makes him different from other personal injury lawyers. We are devoted to paying extraordinary attention to every one of our clients. We listen carefully, do our research, and advocate with the mind of a professor, the attention to detail of an artist, and the focused determination of an athlete.

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